BETWEEN 2010-2015 DAVID Engzell EXPLORED several expressions working with mediums like charcoal and oils. His early work speak OF Abstract Expressionism and MONOCHROME line work.
TODAY Engzell practicE a MORE SYSTEMATIC visual diRECTION, using a cryptic LANGUAGE OF SYMBOLS.

• Born 1981, Västerås Sweden
• Currently working in Stockholm

Solo Exhibitions
(2016) My Still Life, Stockholm Art Week, Stockholm Sweden
(2014) 48 Black Hours, Upplandsgatan 57, Stockholm Sweden
(2013) Show-Off, VASR Showroom, Stockholm Sweden

Group Exhibitions
(2015) Liljevalchs Yearly Spring Exhibition, Stockholm Sweden

Commissioned Work
(2017) Apartment Stockholm, Laurinska huset, Stockholm Sweden
(2017) Jim och Jacob, Surbrunnsgatan 38, Stockholm Sweden
(2016) Narc, Spybar, Birger Jarlsgatan 20, Stockholm Sweden
(2016) Ralph Lauren, Plaza Magazine, Sweden
(2016) Editorial, NK Stil, Sweden
(2015) Restaurang Niklas, Regeringsgatan 66, Stockholm Sweden